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questions and answers

Do I have to register to use the mobile app?

No. You can browse the entire Bramble Berry store without having to register. You only need to register when you want to add something to your basket. This makes sure we can keep your basket information when you return to shop us again.

Are there different products in the mobile shop versus the website shop?

Not a chance! Everything available in the website is right at your fingertips using our mobile shopping experience.

Are the prices different on the mobile app?

Absolutely not! We don’t play price games with our shoppers.   Enjoy the exact same shopping experience you’ve learned to trust with the website.

If I put products in my basket in my mobile app, will the website have them too?

Yes. Just log into the website using the same account you use in the mobile app. Your entire mobile basket will be there waiting for you to purchase or change.

What payment options are available in the mobile app?

The mobile shopping supports payment with any valid credit or debit card. We perform all of the same security checks as the website to protect our shoppers from credit card fraud.

I stored my credit card in the website. Can I use that to pay for my order in the mobile app?

Definitely. We want to make your checkout process as easy as possible. Charge away!

I’ve already registered with the website, can I use my login with the mobile app?

Yes! Your shopping account with us is universal. You use the same account and password for both the website and the mobile app. You can always update your account information in one system and it will immediately be available in the other system.

If I place an order in the mobile app, can I check on the order status in the website later?

Absolutely. Your complete order history is available at any time in both the mobile app and the website. Just use the same shopper account for both systems.

I’ve already registered, but I don’t remember my password. Help!

No problem. On the login page, there is a Lost Password link. Just click the link and the system will guide you through recovering the password to your shopping account.

Why can’t I ship my order via Air or Overnight?

For safety reasons, certain products have shipping restrictions on them as required by federal law. So when a restricted item is in your basket, the system will automatically eliminate any shipping methods that are not permitted.

The mobile app says your store is closed!

Occasionally, we perform maintenance on our systems to ensure you have the safest shopping experience possible. So we close our store for a brief period to make sure the maintenance goes as expected. We work hard to keep these downtimes to a minimal, so check back in an hour or so. Things should be running just fine by then. You can always call our customer service department at 1-877-627-7883 if you have any questions or need to place an order.


If you have questions, comments, or any other feedback, get ahold of us here.

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